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    I had on for my 600 and it was great. here is the reponse from Proclip when i asked about the 680
    "This Holder is expected to be in stock within the next couple of weeks and will be posted on the web soon. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the Holder has been received at our warehouse and is ready for online ordering

    Thank you for your interest in our products.

    Best Regards,

    ProClip USA Customer Service
    Toll Free: +1 800-296-3212
    Fax: +1 608-838-8949
    I totally recommend this holder and will be getting one once it is available
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    The ones we have that we got for the 600 work just fine for the 680 (and 700p), no need to buy new ones!
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    yep - i ordered the treo 700p proclip mount (just the plain one, not the charging one, though) for my car and it works just fine (posted pics of it in my car in another forum here...
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    I have a 650 Proclip charger - I'm not buying a new one for the 680....a minor tip of the 680 and it lines up just fine.
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