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    Anyone developing or already released a palm program that emulates a pendulum? I've always wanted one on my Treo for when playing music to keep the beat, but recently I have found a new application: I have been picking great songs to put on my Treo to run to and I'd love to use a pendulum program to determine my ideal running pace. If I can find the tempo of my pace, then I can find songs that exactly match that tempo to keep me running at my best...
    just an idea, so I thought I'd post my request with you all to see if someone has heard of such a thing, or could develop a quick program that does this. It should be fairly simple I would think.

    Look forward to hearing your ideas and responses.
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    Yes... of course! Thank you, I was sure there was a freeware out there for that, but it would help if I used the right term in my search.
    Thanks for straightening me out! APPRECIATED!

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