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    I just switched over from Sprint 700p to Cingular 680. (thank the upcoming iPhone) The rep. sold me the MaxMedia unlimeted package for $19.99/mo. I have read on other boards that Cingular can "legally" charge me for data by MB because the Treo should use the unlimited data plan costing $39.99.

    I know that several users on this board have done the same. Has anyone experienced such a data charge from Cingular?
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    No, just be careful with the amount of data used...I use chatteremail and I keep it off most of the time.
    Leaving it on and letting it autosynch is not a good idea...
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    My phone is constantly connected using the Data, for my AIM so I can be logged in 27/7 and for chattermail 24/7. I was using the 39.99 month plan, but that was too much for me so I switched it to the 19.99 month plan about a week ago. I'll have to wait and see how much data I use and if they charge me. But you can check on your phone your data usage somewhere I stummpled upon it once.
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    I normally see between 50-80mb a month and some months are in the upwards of 300+ mb. I've been on their unlimited mediamax plan for 2.5 years or so and recently changed to the mediamax 200 bundle for the same price. No problems with data charge.
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    Watch your account to make sure they don't randomly switch you, but in general they are not going to charge you for data usage on the unlimited plans.

    Just have to be careful that they don't switch you to an unlimited plan, I've heard of it happening but I doubt it happens much. I try to look at my Cingular OLAM at least once a month just to make sure.

    I routinely use 50-80m a month. I don't use excessive amounts, most of that is streaming some music here and there.
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    Thanks, all. Not sure why should feel apologetic about something that was offered me by Cingular, or why I should worry about charges above what I was promised. But, for that matter, I wonder about the fundamental unfairness of charging more for the same service according to one's device. I guess that's capitalism.
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    I have had Media Words $19.95 unlimited for years.. I only use DUN when necessary. Use Verichat and Chatter all the time and other than my billing plan being taken off and put back on every 6 months to a year, I have never been charged for data.

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