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    I currently have a Motorola HS850 which I manually pair and re-pair between my BB 7290 and my Treo 700wx. It works fine with the blackberry and has crappy quality with the treo. In general the mic quality is pretty crappy, so I can't use it to talk to my wife without her complaining about me using "that damn headset".

    I just persuaded a coworker with an identical BB to buy my cootie-filled motorola, allowing me to get a new headset. So here's my wish list of what I would like, in order of priority:

    1) Allows me to switch between phones without having to spend 2 minutes convincing the headset that the current phone is the one to pair with (It should be easy to switch).

    2) Has better mic quality than the Motorola.

    3) Has better volumen than the Motorola.

    Unless somebody is going to tell me that A2DP will be made available for the 700wx, I'm not interesting in switching to BT stereo phones (although the second it does so without a dongle, I'd love to go that route). But based on this what are my options and price ranges?
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    There must be some headsets out there that work well with 2 phones at once (one of which is a Treo). Anybody care to recommend their headset for the situation?
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    Plantronics 510 off ebay.

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