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    Hello All,
    Been away a long time due to illness, glad to be back and getting into the swing of things. I apologize in advance if this question was ans somewhere else, but with trying to catch up on the 6 million pages of Sero I am burnt.

    I would like to know what some of the real user reasons are to jump from a 650 to a 700P? From what I gather better memory, TV (if on Sero), faster internet and enhancements that I currently get with Chatter, Shark, etc.
    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks for all your time and Happy New Year to all.

    Treo 300-650-755P, Contract ends 11/30/07. SERO F&F 1250, The following are unlimited: N&W (7PM), Mobile to Home (M2H), Free Incoming, Vision Data, Text Messages for $49.99 - Plus Sprint AIRAVE @ N/C.
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    EVDO is the big one.
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    I just upgradedfrom my I330! Good thing I skipped the 600 and the 650!! j/k

    Found a few-day old 700P on the local craigslist. The guy had it as a new replacement from Sprint for a 650 but wanted a regular phone. I nabbed it and a few cases for $330!! The thing is brand new!! Have desktop synch and email setup (I think).
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