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    Having used a 600, 650 and now 680, the 680 is truly a mixed bag, but at the end of the day I really like the reduced size perhaps enough to stick with it.

    Nonetheless, here are some of my biggest "little" annoyances, besides battery life. (Does anyone have solutions for these?)

    1. Once you've highlighted a phone number to dial from your address book, you have to press enter twice to dial.

    2. When hanging up, there's no longer a button on the screen to hang up. If you're right handed, like most people are, you have to awkwardly stretch your thumb to the far ride side of the screen to press the red button. Am I missing something here?

    3. If the phone is off, you can't press the new, big green button on the far left side to turn it on. Odd considering it's such a big button, which is green (for go) and falls right under my right thumb when I pick up the phone. Did they design this phone for left-handed people??

    4. The LED is hard to see and can't flash (ie, using Butler, etc). This is a real issue when it comes to Butler's best feature -- flash the LED when you missed a call/vm/sms/email. It simply doesn't work on the 680, and when you've resorted to just have it light up green, it's hard to see -- it's not as bright/visible and seems smaller.
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    I have never seen the green light on mine, I wish it would blink green when I have service. Is that possible?
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    Palm has apparently made it impossible for developers to make the LED flash green on the 680, entirely. For that matter, they've made it possible for the LED to change to a different color (ie, reddish orange) like it could on the 650.
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    When you've highlighted the number, instead of pressing the select button just press the green button.......... Select gives you the option, green says make a call.

    I don't seem to have the problem of reaching across that you do so it might be a hand size problem. Plus I pickup using my right hand (being right handed) and it falls right under my thumb as does the home key. You'll get used to it, you just need to unwire the brain from the 650.

    As for green button turning it on, you'll just have to get used to it, took me about a week.

    The flashing LED thing was probably a BAD and shortsighted decision during development. Wrong place to make cuts IMHO.
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    Yea, I mean I would honestly like it to flash green, it only makes sense if it will flash red. Oh well..
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    Well, I just saw the sticky with all the suggestions for Palm re: the 680, so I feel a little bad about having started a similar thread on this. I usually ignore sticky threads because they just sit there at the top like advertisements.

    Anyway, does anyone have a URL where we can provide our feedback to Palm?

    The tech support site doesn't seem like the right place to send design feedback.
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    The LED was probably a purposeful design issue. Apps like LEDoff began to pop-up like Volumecare etc for the 650 because the LED was a bit over the top. I installed LEDoff myself after have to get out of bed at night to turn the 650 over on it's face. The flashing LED lighting up the dark roon was so annoying I could not get to sleep.

    It's really a tradeoff I guess. For getting attention the 650s LED could communicate. The 680 is more of a "gotta look for it on purpose" design. For me I like it better, but I can see you points as well.

    10 Annoyances after 5 days of heavy use:
    #1 Battery of course

    #2 Oldie: Still the idiotic 2.5mm jack

    #3 The new prettier Contacts app: Less data shows on screen because of the grey app tab at the bottom. But worst is when your several contacts down a list and want to change categories to scroll another category. Left on the 650 selected category. Left on the 680 goes to the tabbed Phone app next door. Requires painful scrolling back to top or touchscreen to change categories.

    #4 Oldie: PIM apps will not return to previous points when more than 1 level deep. Horrible, especially when Palmsource promotes this as "proper" Palm OS development. Just check out how many steps it takes to cut and paste text from a contact down the list in a category to a note 6 months away on a Calendar entry. Torturous path still after all these years.

    #5Charge/sync cables no longer integrated. A pain to get each loose on mine.

    #6 SD door is a hassle, but offers protection

    #7 Stupid call log still only logs about 2/3 of incoming and outgoing calls. About 1/3 just never appear as if they never happened. Never did figure this out on 650 and it seems to be back.

    #8 Sporatic keyboard and hard button mystery queues still present. More NVFS glory I guess.

    #9 Find function slow as a melting glacier and no longer begins in current app. 3,000+ contacts gets old. Ohhh for TT3 searches again.

    #10 As bad as I hate to say this. Getting the sleek and beautiful 680 outta my belt holster is a pain nearly requiring 2 hands now. It puts this gem at risk of dropping it each time. Yep, that prehistoric monster antenna worked perfectly as a pull handle. Oh well.

    **All that whining aside, I am simply blown away by the loads of awesome improvements on the 680. The 650 feels 20 years older. Thanks Palm!!!
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    When the 680 wakes up due to a Calendar alarm or alert the improperly sequenced keyguard allows an untrapped first key press either inadvertent or on purpose (from keyboard) to get passed on to waiting app PRIOR to the keyguard displaying...

    This untrapped keypress incorrectly silences the alarm or alert prior to you dismissing the keyguard.

    Anyone who uses a snug case or carries the 680 in their pocket will miss Calendar alarms and alerts becaused they are being inadvertently silenced.
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    Is there any workaround for that? I think I've experienced that problem and it's very frustrating.
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    Since the only button thats marked as an on/off button is the red button, it would make sense that it's the only button that actually turns the radio on/off.

    Most phone ever only have 1 button for that, and it's almost always the end button.
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    When a calendar alarm goes off while the screen is off the alarm is shown
    only for about 5 seconds, then the screen is shut off.

    I'm not sure but wasn't it a longer time on the Treo 650 ?

    Do you also experience this ? Is there a solution ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by allonon View Post
    Since the only button thats marked as an on/off button is the red button, it would make sense that it's the only button that actually turns the radio on/off.

    Most phone ever only have 1 button for that, and it's almost always the end button.
    What OTHER button turns the radio off?
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    Okay, I give up, what other button does that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    Okay, I give up, what other button does that?

    I don't know of any other button, but Hi-Launcher has a function that allows you to toggle the radio on and off -- you set up Hi-Launcher to a hard key, it pops up over any app you're working in without interrupting the app. You can toggle the radio, bluetooth, network, auto-off function, etc., with Hi-Launcher, without interfering with whatever else you're doing.
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    The 2.5mm jack will change when the telephony industry changes their standards and ceases production of 2.5mm wired voice headsets. Until then 3.5mm jacks are a media standard, not a phone standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by detective View Post
    The 2.5mm jack will change when the telephony industry changes their standards and ceases production of 2.5mm wired voice headsets. Until then 3.5mm jacks are a media standard, not a phone standard.
    Exactly, it's a phone not an ipod.
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    Well it can't be a phone and not an ipod any more than it could be an ipod and not a phone. As a truly converged device (and that's why we bought it) it is neither one nor the other. If you wanted to buy a phone, you could have; but you didn't. It's not a phone.
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    I just put up a new posting, but in case anyone is responding here. What about this stupid 4 screen main screen deal with the tabs? How annoying is this. It used to be so much better with the dial pad, time and events and favorite buttons all on the main screen. I also hate how the favorites are now their own single spaced screen. And how useless is that main screen with just the cingular logo and the clock and event bar.

    It also seems they only let you re-assign 2 of the four main buttons, which I was hoping would be my work around.

    Without a doubt they have improved a ton of things, but why did they feel they had to re-design this main screen.

    Thanks for the tip above about how to dial out of contacts with 1 click - by hitting the green button - that was making me crazy too with the two clicks - but here again, was there really a need to change the button that did that, that we are all used to??? Have the green button be the new one that you have to hit twice.
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    1) Surely the LED function is really missing. You can't really say if your phone is turned ON or OFF, if you have any massage or you are late for a meeting. I wonder if patch can re-enable this for developers. I still hope for it.

    2) Already saw a thread on this one, but here it is again - and I think this one is quite serious design issue. RED button on my 680 is almost touch sensitive. I mean it lost its responsive feel after about 3 weeks of use. When I take my 650 you can clearly feel, that you pushed the button. On my 680 the RED poweron button sinked into the front cover and I can't hardly say I pushed or not pushed. Very annoying as I lost my phone conversation several times simply by having my phone close to my head. ANybody having similar issue? Do you know if there is already 2nd batch of 680 which was "fine tuned"? I am considering to buy backup 680 but would like to wait until this is fixed.

    3) Did I mentioned the LED non-function is really annoying. Why Palm? Don't think bringing the LED back to life to usable/helpful/great attention grabber would affect the batt. even more. PLEASE, GET IT BACK. THIS WHAT MADE ME WANT TREO 650. DON'T TURN YOUR ADVANTAGES INTO DUST. Its small little thing which makes Treo trully different and usefull tool compare to other phone makers. There is simply no other phone with this feature. (Ok maybe there are some Samsungs and all the old Errcsonn T28,T36 line)
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    OK, I may have missed this 'feature' with the last Treo (I leapt from a TX to the 'converged' 680 - losing wifi along the way), but with an incoming call, you brush against just about any key - say, trying t get it out of its holster or your pocket - and it not only silences the ring, but disconnects the call?

    Who was the bright spark who thought up that one? What's the point of a keylock if it only functions on so few keys? OK, I get the phone may ring at an inappropriate time, but surely to kill it off quickly you can tap the screen to 'do not answer' or flip the mute switch on the top. You don't want to miss calls simply because you bumped the device getting at it.

    Palm continues its recent practice to hire idgits....
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