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    Very little is annoying me about the 680... but there is this one little problem.
    Whenever the thing resets, it forgets the profile setting for the network connection. I'm signed up for 'T-Mobile VPN' but whenever the phone is reset,
    it comes up looking for 'T-Mobile Internet'. I've seen others complain about this
    but have yet to see a work-around. Oddly, the fallback setting on 'T-Mobile
    Internet' is 'T-Mobile VPN' but that seems to have no effect.
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    I had this problem on my 650. I think I called TMO, not sure exactly, but the problem went away and it hasn't come back with the 680. It was really annoying though. It's possible it went away when I replaced my SIM card--but I also remember calling TMO and discussing it with a tech. I think that's what fixed it.
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