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    I'll keep it simple as possible. I need the help of the TreoCentral community.

    • I used a Treo 600 and 650 and then my company switched to BlackBerries.
    • I want to switch back (this was endorsed as long as I fund the transition).
    • How do I do so while gaining the multimedia features of the Treo I know and love and retaining the stability and push email of the BB?

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    With the 650 I have been very happy with chatter email. It has provided true 'push' email to my treo [literally if I am at work, my computer beeps to show it has received mail and nearly instantly my treo beeps]. The software has been quite stable for me (and I have been running the beta version). See The creator, Marc Blank, is extremely responsive, too. I haven't checked to see whether he has it working with the 680, but if not I am sure he will have it fully compatible soon.
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    You are in the 680 forum but your signature states 700 or 750....from an email standpoint I'd go with the 750 because of it's push email but then your using WM instead of Palm.

    The simplest process for email is the WM push if not - then chatter is a good option and or Blackberry Connect for the 650 on Cingular.
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    Get the 680 with chatter - better than WM platform IMHO
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    I have Chatter and loved it for many years, since 2003 I believe.

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