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    I have searched high and low and can't find any reference to this.

    When looking at the body of an email on AOL 3.3 all I see is the the "Subj" but absolutely nothing after that. Nothing I do seems to correct this. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it yet another problem created by a change in the mail system of AOL?

    Would appreciate some constructive responses.

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    I have a problem with AOL mail in general thru IMAP once every few months.

    AOL is trying to stop spam so now (about once a month or so) they force you to be at a real computer browser so that you can verify an imagine on the screen so that they know you're a real person.

    You know it displays one of the Image Graphics with the 'alphanumberic characters' inside that box and ask you to retype it in so that the system knows you are real.

    Once you do that the rest of the mail starts to work correctly from all platforms. I had to do this because I have AOL setup as IMAP on my Treo but the Treo's Blazer browser wouldn't show the image graphic. Had to use my main computer for that.

    Then everything worked again.

    And I do use AOL 3.3 software once in a while, but you can't do so things in email with it, so I tend to use it only for AIM usage.


    Hope this helps steer you in the right direction for a fix
    Robert L
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