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    Well I have this 600 Sprint sent me about a year ago and I never used and instead I bought a 650. Now my wife wants to use the 600 and when I tried looking for the charger I could not find it. So i went on ebay and bought one.
    Hooked it up to the wall and left it overnight but it never turned on. I figured the battery died and I went ahead and bought a new battery and now I just hooked it up ti the electric and it still does not turn on. Should I wait a couple of hours to see what happens?
    Any help is appreciated.
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    The charger might be busted. I've gotten duds off eBay a couple of times.
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    Yes, it does sound like the charger. Before incurring any additional expenses you should have it tested at the Sprint store. Good Luck!
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    OK. I got 2 chargers from the same seller one for the house and one for the car and neither one does it...
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    gotta be a battery issue then probobly need to buy a new one
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    I bought a new battery already. I will see if I can bring it to the sprint store see if they can do anything.
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    Here's a thread that may be relevant, see post #253 for a range of serial #s.

    I have a treo 600 that died over a year ago and I bought a 650 to replace it. A year ago I bought a replacement battery for the 600, but never got around to installing it. I pulled out the 600 today and looked up the above discussion and found my serial # was in that range.

    I called Sprint cust service today and was referred to the insurance company they deal with...they told me to go to a sprint store. I called sprint again and spoke with a rep named Erin. I referred to information seen in post #63 of above thread and she was able to pull up the documentation. She assured me that she had copied the info from that document into my account notes and told me I should go into a local sprint repair store and they would replace the phone (even though it's deactivated and no longer linked to my sprint account). She even offered to call the local store and tell them to replace the phone for me, but it was after hours and the store was closed.

    So, I will go to the nearby sprint repair store on monday with my 600 and I'm hoping I will get it replaced - perhaps even with a 650 if I can talk em into it.

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    Well, I went to the Sprint repair place and they put in a replacement order. Today they got the replacement 600 in and exchanged it for me at no charge.

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