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    Anybody had the screen on their 680 dim on its own to almost black, and had difficulty getting it back to normal?

    My wife and I each have the 680, and I have not had this problem, but last night hers did. She was on the internet listening to a talk radio program that we can't get here in Detroit over the air, and while trying to re-establish the connection after it dropped, her screen went dark and she could not get it back.

    I punched around for a minute, and it did come back. Checked the power prefs, they all seemed normal. 50% Brightness, go dark after 30sec. Not sure why it would not come back to normal when she started pushing bottons. It only came back when I left the streaming audio player and went to the home button.

    You thoughts. Random, or bigger issue?
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    This has happened to me on the 700p under exactly the same circumstances, on several occasions. Reseting will usually fix the problem and moving the brightness slider to the right will also sometimes do the trick (if it is plugged in unplugging also seems to help). However, my impression is that this happens when somehow the Treo gets overloaded. It seems to occur when I am streaming in the background while using the browser a lot. Also, I suspect that a reset before connecting to a stream will help as it will release some memory. There are several threads that you might want to look at which you may find by searching for "dim" I believe.
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    Thank you sir, I will do just that!

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