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    I guess I am now entering into a battle with Intellisync.

    When I asked them what is happening to my lifetime subscriptions to Verichat they answered back, "What lifetime subscriptions?" "We don't know nothing of no stinking lifetime subscriptions".

    I asked them then why are my accounts active and you show the last time I paid was 2003?" No answer as of yet.

    Anyone else in the same boat?
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    I believe the quartet is playing the last song and the ship is going down.
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    They will likely say its the lifetime of the product. Since the product is being discontinued, its life is effectively ending.
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    I asked them and they replied, "You will not be able to renew your license after the current license expires." or something to that effect. Nice that they didn't even bother to read my message.
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    I have a lifetime subscription as well. I just figured I'd stop using the product now and not look back. Anyway, I saved money during the time I had it, so I'm not bitter. Well not about that anyway.
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    I have mine til sept 2007......gonna use it til it sinks! No other app comes close on my treo 680
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