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    For some reason EVERY time my Treo 700p reboots, I loose my Calendar. For icons on the main screen, I get a 'simple box'.

    When you select it, I get an error that says:

    Launch Error

    X The application cannot be launched because it is missing localization information.

    What the h____ does that mean? I go back an re-install the files from my backup folder and it comes back. BUT, if it needs to reboot again (for any reason), I loose it and get the error message again. Then I have to reload the files and we start all over again......

    How and what information do I need to stop this from happening?

    Any comments and help would be appreciated....
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    I'm having the same problem -- only I've never been able to get the calendar info on to start with. Synchs OK, no error messages, but when I try to access it on the Treo I get the "missing localization info." Not much out there on whassup, except for some confusing missives about deleting old backup files and creating new user IDs -- last ditch efforts. Wondering if anyone is aware of this being an issue about old Palm software.
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    This appears to be a fairly common problem with the NVFS system. Generally a hard reset takes care of the problem. What happens is that overlay language files get corrupted, messed up, deleted or whatever. Do you have an old backup that is good?


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