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    I downloaded these programs im just trying to see which ones will most likely be the cause of some of the freezing im getting.

    kinoma player 4 EX
    TomTom 6 Navigator
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    You downloaded TomTom?
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    sorry I bought tomtom 6 and kinoma but that's it
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    well toccer is freewre and an old aplication i would start with removing that and see what happens

    process of elimination...

    your device is freezing not resetting, right...?

    freezing, usually points to lack of memory sometimes of cache issue
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    well usually what it does is ill have it on sleep mode or whatever where the screen is off and ill go to turn the screen on to use it and the screen wont turn on it just stays at the black screen, so most times i have to take the battery out. then sometimes ill be in a program or writing a message and the phone will freeze usually only for about a minute but sometimes i have to take the battery out. Ill try taking toccer out because i think thats the only program not made for the 680.
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    i have the same issue with the dead sleep issue...?

    phone usually doesnt freeze during use, only when the screen is off i cant turn on , have to reset with button on the back...?

    treo 700p

    i am using these out of the ones u are
    kinoma player 4 EX
    TomTom 6 Navigator
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    it also sometimes random turns off then on
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    toccer resets my treo when i try to copy text from IMs, but so far only then.

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