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    I see that 680 owners have no problem with this but what about us 650 owners? And is there any advantage in getting fast mini-SD cards for the 650?

    Ooops I've posted this in the 600 forum when I it should have been the 650 forum - please move it.
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    i would be interested to hear what peoples experience with these in 600's are also.

    there has just been a massive price drop on 4gb cards on a uk site 18 !!!! what would happen if one of these was put into a 600 ?

    sorry to hijack but its sort of relevant and you did post in wrong section
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    Since the 650 can only read up to a 2GB card without a ROM hack, my guess is that its the same for the 600. If I remember the posts in other threads correctly -- a 4GB SD card can be inserted and used in a 600/650 -- but you will only be allowed to use 2GB of the space.
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    thankyou PH thats pretty much what i was hoping to hear

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