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    There is a software Act for palm.
    Does anyone know if its good?
    I tried downloading a trial and was unsuccessful,
    anyone had this problem?

    Check it out:
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    It's no good, but there is a program called companionlink that does a great job of syncing an ACT database to the treo. search for threads on this boards, that's how I found out about it and ACT.
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    depends on your needs. I used AFP on my treo 600 with ACT 6 and now I use the new version of AFP with ACT 2006 on a treo 650. I love the software b/c it is identical to the desktop act program (less full histories) and you can create new call/mtg/to-do/personal activity associated w/ different contacts. I have not had sync issues but have had some crash/rebooting (once a week) with the handheld. No email from AFP is another issue, but I havent seen anything on the market that has the same features that makes me want to replace it.

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