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    I am testing the mandatory password setting within Good and was dismayed to see that, once again, Good completely takes over the device as if it is used for no purpose other than Good and handicaps existing functionality. With this setting enabled on the server, I cannot even access the Palm Security application. Therefore, I can not see any Contact or Calendar records I have set to Private on the device. When I try to launch the Security app, I get a message that the Good policy requires that password & security settings be set in Good Preferences>Lock; however, viewing or hiding private records can't be controlled there. I see from the GL Admin Guide that there are very few configurable settings for this option, and none control this particular setting. It looks like Good Mobile Defense allows for more options but we are not implementing that. Does anyone know of a workaround?
  2. #2's what I discovered. when I hard reset and re-installed GMM from the card backup.....there was no password provision....UNTIL like a dumb *** i went into the preferences. then it kick started the lock preferences. Then I realized that the password key in had been gone, and I felt Homer "dogh".

    and Yes. Good takes over like the Treo is used for nothing else. I don't have a work around for the password and haven't spent much time (ok none) to figure/find one because I think there is some "good" (pardon the pun) reason for it in the event that I loose the Treo, the password provision is reasonable.
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    hmmm ***'s over A55. conservative.
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    Goodguy -- can you address this issue? This is a very serious problem. If Good is going to take over the Palm Security App so you can't use it, then it needs to provide a way to handle private records on the device. They can't just be lost to you because Good is forcing a password. I have no beef with the mandatory password, I just want to be able to see my data when I need to! What's the story? Will this be fixed?
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    We too have had this problem. It is well documented on many of the forums that discuss Goodlink on the palm and windows mobile platforms. On the windows side the password lock also causes phone calls to sometimes be unanswerable when locked and thus they roll into voice mail. Luckily the GL password protection is easily defeated with one registry tweak. But I want the security of this feature and therefore hope for a fix. If you find a solution please share it with us.
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    So Goodlink forces the 1 hour password lock. Fine.

    But the palm password screen has this moronic "Make Emergency Call" button. When you haven't locked the screen by hand and you put the phone in your pocket, it's really easy to dial 911 accidentally! This is a SAFETY HAZARD. How do I prevent this from happening?
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    I'm very happy to report that I've found a resolution to the problem of Good locking out the Palm Security App when it is set to force a password lock on the device and not being able to access/lock private records. I found that you can lock/unlock private records from within both Contacts and Calendar independently from the Security App (from within Contacts/Calendar go to Menu>Options>Security). So that solves my problem anyway.

    Sulli: Re Make Emergency Call when locked, do you have your keyguard set to Auto when power is turned off? Personally, I find the keygoard to be a pain, so mine is turned off completely, but I keep my Treo in a case and not in my pocket so I generally don't have an issue with inadvertent key presses. You can set that in Prefs>Keyguard>Auto-Keyguard. If you find that you still unlock the keyguard while it is in your pocket, then you might need the advanced keyguard features available in Butler.
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    Dlukas - does this remove the password or just allow you to access your native Contacts without a password when locked?

    I have no complaints with Good's password locking the entire device because if I am using it for company messaging, it needs to comply with my company's security policies. If I dont like the policy...i have an option not to use my Treo for business.

    For those that want to compromise, have your IT departments look at GMD or Credant. Credant has an option that the password timeout is more accurate than GMM and if permitted will allow a user to make phone calls and access the native contacts and call log without a password. Need Good calendar, email or app on PDA... enter password which on the PalmOS Treo is large screen buttons.

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    Neither -- when the password is enabled in Good it still locks out the device entirely when it is invoked. The problem was that when the Good password is enabled you cannot use the Palm Security application; you get a message that passwords are controlled within Good and the application closes. However, in addition to setting the password and timeout interval, the Palm Security application is also used to hide or show private (hidden) records in the Palm contacts and calendar. Since this application is disabled with the Good password, I was unable to show my private records when I needed to view them. However, I subsequently realized that I could show or hide them in each application rather than by using the Security App.

    As you, I have no particular issue with enforcing a password on my firm device. As a matter of fact, although it is at times inconvenient, I prefer having my device secured.
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    I have discoverd that If you have Findhack (I have Ver. 4.0.6) installed on your Treo 680 and try to use the find function while the device is locked and either making an emergency call or while talking on a received call that the device soft resets! No info is ever displayed and the FindHack app is still active after the reset. Thus If you have FindHack installed and active you are not vulnberable to this security issue.

    Tested on an unlocked Treo 680 on T-Mobile with FindHack 4.0.6


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