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    With almost 2 1/2 years of Chatter usage under my belt, I've discovered a handful of little tricks you can do in Chatter that might not immediately be evident to some folks. Here are a few. If you have any others, please add them to this thread!

    Vibrate only for certain mailboxes: If you want some mailboxes to vibrate when you receive email and others not to vibrate, turn on Vibrate in the notifications prefs. Then, for each mailbox you don't want to vibrate, go into Edit Mailbox, and under the Other tab, check "Custom Vibrate" and set the value to 0.

    Hard button jumps to a particular mailbox: Let's say you have one "main" mailbox that you use very frequently, and several others that receive email much less frequently, so you want to assign a hard button to jump directly to your main one. No problem! Just check the "Cycle" checkbox in your main mailbox's settings, and make sure all your other mailboxes don't have that checked. Then in Chatter's prefs, under Buttons/Keys, set one of the hard buttons to "Next Mailbox." Then pressing that button will always take you right back to your main mailbox, no matter what screen you're in!

    Symlinks aren't just for Unix anymore: If you run your own unix-based mail server, you can use symbolic links to create shortcuts for your commonly-used folders. For example, I have a mailbox "work" that I move lots of email to, but it appears near the bottom of Chatter's folder list (which is alphabetical). On my server, I created a symlink "1. Work" (by issuing the command ln -s work "1. Work"). When I reload Chatter's folder list, Chatter treats the symlink just like a real folder. Now my work folder also appears at the top of Chatter's folder list!

    Hope these are useful. Looking forward to hearing more tips from other people...

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