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    For those of you who have not taken the Verizon Asurion insurance (and those who have)...a nice story.

    While traveling in the British Virgin Islands over Christmas, my beloved Treo 650 decided it was time to take a swim (okay, I'm a klutz- I fell in the water while going from the boat to the dinghy.) Sad to say, the salt water did not agree with Mr. Treo, and he died.

    The day we returned, I called Asurion. After answering a few questions by voice command, I was turned over to an agent, who sympathized with my plight. Turns out the 650 is no longer available, and by 8:50 the next morning, I had a brand new 700p (free, except for the $50 deductible that I was aware of when I signed up.) No hassle, no fuss, no problem.

    Like many of us, I am quick to complain when something doesn't work right. I thought I would share with you something that does.

    Happy New Year!
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    That's nice to know. Enjoy the "p" it really is a great machine.
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    and next trip on the water, include an Otterbox. LOL
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    Ziplocks are a must for theme parks. . . . . .camera, wallet, Treo . . . whatever.
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    that's good to know that they will upgrade your phone if it is out-dated...are you sure its not going to be refurbished?
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    My Verizon Assurion replacement was brand new with a manufacture date of 3 weeks prior to the incident that caused the loss.
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    When they replacedmy Sprint 650 with a 700p it was brand new also.
    I just didnt get the cd. It is usually the stores that try to give you refurb phones.

    It may also depend on what insurance you have. There are two different levels.

    If memory serves me correctly
    On the first level they try and repair your phone and if they cant they give you a refurbised phone.

    The second plan is for total replacement. with that plan , no matter what happens you get a new phone.
    If you loose your phone you have to submit a police report.

    I dont know what the new rates are but for sprint total protection was $6 when I got it. That was back when I had a 600.
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    My Sprint 650's headset jack wore out, and when I called Asurion to get it replaced, they sent me a new in-box 700p also! I have the $6 a month insurance plan.
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    Ascurion replaced my wife's Treo 650 with a refurbished (it had no minutes on it, and was brand new, but no cd, box or cables, it was probably just an open box) 700p. They replaced my 650 with a new in box 700p (boy, was I happy. I already had to deal with the wife having a new phone than me).

    Also, the Ascuron plan from Sprint is now $7.00 to include the maintanence plan. so you get both now with ascurion.
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    Just throwing my 2 cents in... with Sprint (same insurance co now though right?) I've had equally amazing experiences... although mine are generally in store, thus, equipment protection plan.

    As for refurb 700ps... Reps at my two stores say policy is refurb, they just don't have any yet for 700 series. I'm unfortunately on my 3rd, but all have been new, and I've never had to make a fuss.

    Sprints insurance rates and service are deluxe.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging

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