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    I just sold my 680 because i got the artic one. SO is there any way in which i can delete like everything off the phone except for the ROM applications. Or basically just how it comes out of the box brand new?
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    Visor Deluxe->Visor Edge (Upgraded for $100.00 just by giving them the Serial # of my Visor Deluxe plus I got to keep the Deluxe. Those were the days!)-> Palm M-505->M-515->Tungsten T->Zire 72->Treo 650->->Treo 700P->Treo 755P. Plus various replacements. 8130 Pearl....Sorry
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    yes, do a hardreset
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    how do i do that?
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    Open the manual.
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    The 650 could do a ZERO out reset that actually over writes all data space on the phone with zeros and ones. A Hard Reset will remove your data from view of the system but the digital imprint of that data will still be in memory and could be restored by some CIA type with enough time and money. I think a Hard Reset is the best you get on a 680.

    Goes to Palm site to find the link. . . . .,case=obj(887)
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    There is a stronger more effective reset for the 680, I'm not sure though if it's as effective as a zero out reset??

    It is the factory reset with a slight modification... You must have a password set on the 680 to enable this type of reset.

    If you don't have a password set then you'll get the hard reset that Perry refers to, however if you want to ensure that your data is formatted, set a security password and follow these instructions from Palm:

    Factory Reset for Treo 700p and 680 smartphones

    If you've set a password on your smartphone, any hard reset will automatically become a Factory Reset. With this method, you'll enter a password and then perform a hard reset.

    On your smartphone, launch the Security application.
    If the Password box says "Unassigned," tap the box and create a password for your smartphone.
    Once the password has been set, disconnect your smartphone from the AC charger and take off the battery cover. Do not remove the battery yet.
    Hold down Power/End .
    While holding down Power/End , remove the battery. Then insert it again.
    While still holding Power/End , the screen will show the Palm logo and a progress bar. Then the circular Palm Powered logo will appear. Release the power button when you see the Palm Powered logo.

    Keep holding the Power button during this screen. When you see this screen, you can release the Power button.

    A message will appear warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your smartphone. Press UP.
    If you performed this reset correctly, the screen will go blank after several minutes, and you will not be able to turn on your device. The charging LED will not light up. (any other activity - such as the Palm OS logo and then the Applications launcher appearing - means the reset was performed incorrectly; try again)
    Your device will appear "dead." To wake up your smartphone, perform a soft reset.

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    Thanks OTR !
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    I've tried to do this really need two people to do this! Which means I didn't do this trick sucessfully.
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    Why do you need two people? It's just a hard reset but first you select a security code. Hard reset just requires you to hold the power button while slightly dislodging the battery sufficient to break the contact, and then just easing it back in. You can do that and hold down the power button, I'm sure.
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    I hardly ever see anyone mentioning that the 680 can be reset without removing the battery. Before I got the Sedio 2 piece black case I checked out and found firstly, that a Palm memo on the 680 said it would do a soft reset from the sync screen by holding the "up" button and tapping the stylus in the bottom right corner. Tried it, and it worked ! Next, i found that zlauncher has a soft rest icon (haven't tried it yet,but I assume it works). Third, I heard of a little program called "mRest" that does a soft reset. Got it and tried it and it also rest the device. Then after I backed everything up, I wondered if after I hit the mrest program, if I held the power button, would it become a hard rest. Wonder of wonders .... it turned into a hard reset and I pushed the up on the 5-way and hard reset the 680.

    So the moral of this story is .... you actually never have to remove the battery to do a hard reset or soft reset on the Treo 680. ( Note: havent tried the reset that is between the hard and soft, but I assume it will also work). So, you never would have to remove any difficult cases that you may have your Treo in !!!

    A new Treo user and loving it !!!
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    Good luck to you, but the most serious need for a hard reset is when the hone loops, freezes, or otherwise is unresponsive. At those times, the only thing that will work is battery removal because of the lack of a reset hole. So you actually do have to remove the battery when you most need a reset.

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