View Poll Results: Will you switch from Treo to iPhone?

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  • Yes, I can't wait

    62 23.22%
  • I am not sure

    72 26.97%
  • No, I will stick with Treo

    130 48.69%
  • I will use both

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  1. haroldo's Avatar
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    Realizing that the wow! factor will wear off over time and you might not enjoy typing on a screen (no keyboard) are you likely to swich from your Treo to the new iPhone?
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    I think it looks beautiful, and the screen is vibrant. I would have to play with it a little before, but I think it would win me over. Might wait a while and see if Sprint will get it after the exclusive. Maybe they'll actually fix problems they have with it.

    Apples good at fixing things promptly.

    Sprint Treo 700p
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    i must have a keyboard... hopefully there will be 3rd party access w/ add on keyboards..
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    ... maybe. perhaps i was too absorbed in the multimedia features, but i didn't see much in the way of a calendar. the idea of using osx widgets on the phone is quite appealing. i'd have to try the touch screen keypad to believe my fat fingers would work with it.
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    Though it is the prettiest phone I have ever seen, its not for me. One-handed use seems out of the question with it. No 3g? Pffft- how retro! Wi-fi is awesome, but, at least at the moment, there aren't that many places with free wi-fi around. No keyboard? Yuck. I can't imagine typing an e-mail or text message quickly on a touchscreen. (but then again, Apple might be able to make it work). The non-removable battery is scary, considering Apple's history with batteries. Beautiful phone, but i'll stick with my chubby 700p as it does more of what I need.
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    since the poll was "as we speak" or... at least I'm assuming it is when its released I will not switch for many reasons but most importantly with my SERO plan on Sprint I have unlimited internet access.

    Now, on the other hand, will I keep a close eye on the successors? Absoluetly and, if and when they make one thats on the business side... Ill probably be in.
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    Love the iPhone, but may hold off for 3G support. As soon as I get that, I'm gone. I'm on EVDO right now, and going back to pokey EDGE isn't an appealing though.
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    I answered stick with Treo due to my library of music, software and 10 years of productivity habits associated with my Palm software that would have to be replaced/relearned and the fact I have free unlimited PowerVision on Sprint with SERO.

    If/When the iPhone comes to Sprint -- then the decision becomes a possibity, but for now -- I am not paying Cingular $600 more a year in data charges (more or less the above issues) -- just to have the iPhone.

    And for those on Sprint paying the $15 monthly -- savings per year is still $408.

    How they will pull off the no keyboard thingie has me intruiged and will the screen survive the unlimited text messaging folk?

    Cheers, Perry.
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  9. Rob_T's Avatar
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    I definately would be interested in the iPhone. My two biggest concerns are Cingular (I'd rather have EVDO for $15 a month through Sprint) and software. I'm not too concerned about PIMs and browsing (I'm believing those type of things will work well on the iPhone); I just need to make sure the iPhone can do all that my Treo can (or at least most of what my Treo can). I need to be able to view and edit Word documents, for example.

    Regarding the touch screen; I don't think its right at this point to assume the touch screen would be a bad keyboard. It might be bad, but I would want to give it a try before I decide that I don't like it (as much).

    In spite of the form factor (it looks great) and the screen (it looks great too), for me the OS will really be the key. I'm hoping and would like to believe the OS will be great. But who knows? It will be fun to look at how cool the phone is for a half hour or so but after that it will get down to how well it runs, how well the OS works, and what I can do with the phone.

    If it "just works" without lags, problems, speed issues, crashes, etc. it will likely be a winner. The OS, from the screen shots I have seen so far, looks like it's going to be great.
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    Current 650 owner here.

    I'm agnostic until I know more about:

    1. Keyboard situation.
    2. Battery situation (don't like nonreplaceable battery).
    3. MS Exchange situation.

    I'm negative on the iPhone because of:

    1. Cingular.

    I'll probably get a 750 as soon as an unlocked one is available.
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    I'm agnostic until I know more about the keyboard situation and cingular. I have a 700P now
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Keyboard is an issue. I will wait to see how the iPhone system works. Also a problem is the carrier. Although I have had many issues with Sprint, I'm not sure I am ready to jump to Cingular. I am a Mac user and like the system, but I agree with one of the persons who commented that the OS X system may not be as compatible with the telephone functions as the Palm OS. Of course, if the iPhone performs as claimed, I may be swayed to change.
  13. haroldo's Avatar
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    I voted to stick with Treo. I can't imagine using the screen to type notes, memos, etc. I used the Treo's touch screen dial pad once. I thought it was cool, for 15 seconds. I even hate the fact that the hold and add call buttons are on the screen.
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    I wonder if the EDGE situation is really such a big deal. I wonder if the fact that the iPhone will be much faster in every other respect will in many ways make up for the relatively small pipe for data. And considering WIFI continues to proliferate every day and the seamless switch from EDGE to WIFI and back, do I really care that much? I am fairly certain that the hobbled FrankenGarnet, with it's s l o w as molasses and unreliable Blazer browser renders large pages very slow, even with WIFI (on my TX). In short, I'd rather have a responsive OS and applications, with a smaller pipe (a pipe that is only small when not on WIFI) then EVDO with all the problems of my Treo 700p.

    All that said, can someone tell me, is EDGE the same as Verizon's 1x network? I'm operating under that assumption.
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    I'll stay with my Treo. First, I use it mainly for business, and the iPhone does not appear to be a business-friendly device. Second, I tend to hold on to devices for a long time (I went from a Vx to a 650) and have no interest in purchasing a disposable $600 phone, and especially not from Cingular.
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    The Iphone is not a smartphone, so no, I wouldn't switch. No 3rd party apps, no exchange support, no 3g?
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    Chose Treo because of GSM (and especially non-3G GSM).

    Were that bad boy on Verizon or Sprint, I would definately be in the "I am not sure" leaning towards "Yes I can't wait".
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    Without access to the iPhone at this time, I would have to say "no" for the same reasons I switched from the PPC6700 to the Treo. The most important function of a multifunction phone, in my opinion, is the phone function. The Treo, as a phone, is great, and it still has all the other functions, and it is easy to use.
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    maybe, depends how the on-screen typing works
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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon View Post
    The Iphone is not a smartphone, so no, I wouldn't switch. No 3rd party apps, no exchange support, no 3g?
    no third party apps? it's based on osx, and it seems dashboard widgits will run off it... plenty of opportunity there.
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