View Poll Results: Will you switch from Treo to iPhone?

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  • Yes, I can't wait

    62 23.22%
  • I am not sure

    72 26.97%
  • No, I will stick with Treo

    130 48.69%
  • I will use both

    3 1.12%
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    I would likely NOT switch to an IPhone simply because of all the third party medical applications that I have come to rely upon in my practice of medicine. While I feel that OS X is rock stable, it will be a long time before applications that I use every day migrate to the IPhone. While I love the interface, it would not work for me. I will stick with the IPod as a separate device and use the Treo accordingly. I can only hope for better ITunes integration with the Treo via another 3rd party application such as MOcean.


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    Absolutely, I will switch, especially now, since they release a software update (I know it is now a firmware update) for the 680 and just leave the 700P owners hangin'. I can say for sure that Palm has lost 15 (what used to be) loyal customers to another phone. Either future IPhone owners, or already moved to Blackberrys.
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