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    Can't send emails with Chattermail, through an account I set up on AOL for the purpose. Current hangup seems to be error message "Chattermail is connector to your erver but eiher yourlogin credentials were rejected or the Complete Server Folder Name you are using does not exist on the server"

    I've tried Mail, New Mail, AOL, AOL Mail. Nothing seems to work. Anyone know what does?

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    You generally have to send emails through your phones service provider's smtp. I can tell you about verizon but not others. What service do you have?
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    My Chatter / AOL settings are...

    IMAP Server:
    SMTP Server:
    Complete Server Folder Name: inbox

    Make sure you have your correct login name and password in the correct Chatter account settings. Your login name would be "name" AND NOT "" (no qoutes), as sometimes folks think they need to put the in as part of their login name. Contrary to post 2, you dont need to use your phone providers SMTP server to send mail. The AOL SMTP server name I noted above should work just fine for you, as it does for me. Keep in mind that Chatter does have a few AOL specific controls in the account set up screen as well as the program preferances settings, which you should make use of
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    Thanks. Marc, of Chatter, got it worked out for me.

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