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    my 680 was having the typical problems, low volume, lag, jibberish where cingular should appear, and even average reception. The occasional reset was becoming something I just lived with. I really had no additional programs except volume care which worked fine. I had originally just connected my 680 to my computer with the old 650 desktop. Finally, decided to take the advice of another thread, did a hard reset ( my 2nd or 3rd since getting my second treo), loaded the 680 cd and reinstalled. Ever since, phone has had no problems, much better reception, and I haven't even bothered to re-install volume care, yes the volume went up. So, if we can just get battery life improved, I will be totally happy.
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    Glad everything is working for you now. You didn't mention how long you've had your Treo, but I noticed my battery greatly improved after about 3 weeks of use. I no longer carry my USB cable to work with me like I did in the beginning.
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    thanks. had the first treo for about 4 weeks and the battery really does break-in and get much better. in fact, exchanged out for a second treo and put the first battery in the replacement. my main complaints were low volume and reception, both of which have greatly improved. I too have now been able to leave the usb cable at home.

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