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    I purchased a Bell Mobility (Canada) treo 700p unit and have activated it with a different company MTS (Canada). The phone works fine with the exception of the data service. I have been trying to change the username in the network connection settings with no luck. With entering #*#3282# I can see my username and password but attempts to save a changed version into the phone have not been successful. From doing some looking around it is apparent to me that for this CDMA phone I will have to reflash the settings. Is this the only way I can proceed? All I need to change are 6 lousy characters ( to!!!! How do I go about this and what are the risks. Thanks!

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    So Bell give you the MSL code?
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    Yes, Bell did give me the MSL code.
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    Can you tell me your phone version in "phone app, options, phone info" Thanks
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    treo 700p-1.40-cdma
    carrier db 270

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    The Telus one say

    treo 700p-1.40-cdma
    carrier db 261

    How did you get the MSL? Bell gave it to you because you paid the complete price?
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    I don't know why they gave it to me. Do you know of any flashing utilities out there for this device. Thanks.
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    The flash stuff is in the bootloader, but I have not try them yet because nobody is sharing 700p rom or not telling where the jtag pinouts are.

    Its quite technical if you still want to understand it you can reply here.

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