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    I've spent all day emailing back and forth with Mark Blank of Chattermail but I think he may have given up on me.

    I have had one error message after another.

    I'm now able to get email after setting up an account on AOL, which I have TimeWarner forwarding all my email to.

    But I can't send. I've gotten a variety of error messages, as I've changed various settings trying to find one that works.

    Right now, I get Connecting in the lower right corner, and then Can't Connect. When I click on that, I get a screen that says Wait: A connection could not be made to the server specified in Edit Mailbox. ChatterEmail will try again within 5 minutes

    So here are my screens:
    Account Definition: Name: AOL. IMAP Server: Login name and pwd are correct. Complete Server Folder Name: New Mail.
    SMTP: Servre: Login name and pwd are correct, as are return address and full name. BCC and Reply To are none. Signature is unchecked, as are everything on the line that starts SSL. Default is unchecked.

    Also, several times I've receivd the Treo message that some connection is failing (wireless? disappeared before I could write it down) and do I want to reset. I keep saying yes.

    Just now, when I tried again, I got "Login/Folder Failed: ChatterEmail is connected to your server, but either your login credentials awere rejected, or the Complete Server Folder name" you are using does not exist on the server." (I"m using New Mail, the name for the Inbox on the AOL web site.) And I've reset the username and pwd several times to make sure they're correct. I don't know what else to try.


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