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    We have a new 700p / Verizon. Periodically and multiple times in a day it drops the data connection. The only way we can see this happening is that no emails are coming in. And when you click on the mail button it says it needs to connect, then it has to bring in all the emails again. What a pain. Why is this happening - is there a patch/fix for it? Thanks
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    Been having the same issue for quite a while with different devices and different GL versions. We have tried every conceivable tweak on the GL server configuration with no luck. We can't pinpoint when or why it happens. But several times a day a soft reset is required to get the connection back.
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    I've received various explanations on the connecting message. I too have Verizon.

    This is a summary of the information I've gathered. I haven't verified it for accuracy.

    This message is programmed into the phone from Verizon. It displays whenever the phone connects to the Verizon network after a timeout. Currently the timeout period is about 5 minutes or possibly when making a phone call (depending on the local cell network's capabilities). This may be BS from the Verizon support person since I'm sure Good is using the data network more often than every 5 minutes.

    The message normally takes between zero and 15 seconds and this is considered normal by Verizon (although another coworker with 700p VZW says he doesn't see the message). (This could be a hardware of software data connection issue with my Palm because it sometimes takes 15-20 secs for Blazer to start. None of my coworkers have the same issues.)

    If the data connection is no longer active, any internet activity will trigger this message. Goodlink uses push technology so it (apparently) connects often.

    I've noticed that Chatter email appears to cause the messages after syncing with server. Maybe is closes the data connection after the sync then GL has to open it again. The combination of Chatter and GL is frustrating since I get the connection messages a lot.

    One solution for me is to set GL to offline then go online when I want to read email, etc. This works for me since I don't need to be alerted to a new email.

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