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    Over the last couple of months I've noticed that my data service is very poor now. I have a Treo 700p with Sprint Powervision and am in the Long Beach, CA area. I used to use the Causerie IM program that worked quite well, but it's pretty useless now since my data connection disconnects after a minute or two of non-use, which causes my IMs to either send messages nowhere or makes the program disconnect.

    Even when I use my Blazer browser for any website, web-version of AIM, etc., the phone has to reconnect to Powervision if I'm not using it constantly (outside of a couple of minutes). Logging in to the data seems to be a 4-step process that goes from "Connecting to Powervision" to "Signing On" to "Initializing" to "Signed on" which sometimes takes a couple of minutes and many times I get a "PPP timeout" error. That used to be a process that took just few seconds, if even that much. Very annoying!

    So, is it my phone hardware, software, service provider or what that's causing the problem? Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking of doing a hard reset and reloading all of my programs to see if that will help, as a last resort...
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    yeah, the disconnection issue has been a problem for me since the 20224-20225 prl update, it was fine with the 20223 one though, coincidence?
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    i'm having the same issue with my 650. are they doing it on purpose? suggestions?

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