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    I have a Treo 700p and need a 8GB SD Card to work. What file do I need and where do I get it to accept 8GB? I see many threads across the boards here and would like this simple question asked.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I don't think you need a custom ROM with the 700p, only the 650. You need a file from the 680. The thread with 700p and 8gb sdhc in the title should have the link.
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    u cant customize the ROM on treo 700p as of yet only 650

    u can add this file though to RAM, that will make your treo be able to see the SDHC 8gb card, i ordered a patriot one from ecost for $120 with a 25 dollar mail in rebate, class 4 speed


    u need a card reader like card export or card reader and a regular SD card, not SDHC

    hook up treo to pc and open up drive which is for your SD card and drag that DRIVER file over to card...then using filez or resco explore find file on card and move over to internal RAM...

    now insert your new 8GB SDHC card, it will see it as two blocks of 4GB

    it will not be able to give u accurate readings of the available space, just keep putting stuff on, 8GB is enough, lol

    treo reads first 4gb block then when that is full it reads next 4gb block, never the whole 8gb at once

    just make note, someone mentioned this in other thread, that if u hard reset your device on the fly, u need to get that driver back on your internal ram again before u can backup treo to a backupset that is on card, upload it to a website or something, or carry around another card with it on it, lol

    if u are by a PC then u are ok

    soon as a software update is available for the treo 700p then we will be able to flash the ROM and add this driver
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