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  • Built-in launcher

    12 14.29%
  • Lauch'em beta

    36 42.86%
  • Silverscreen with Chromacast

    26 30.95%
  • MegaLauncher II

    9 10.71%
  • LauncherLight

    1 1.19%
  • GoBar

    0 0%
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    The release of Chromacast has caused me to reconsider the different options. There was a thread about this a while ago, but I'm curious about what people think with the new options. Sorry if I forgot any above. If you think there's any missing post below.
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    I like drop down menus or popup menus...silver screen combines this with a great looking color interface.
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    You should add no launcher -- I use Launchmenu, McPhiling, and FPSUtil/Filez to do everything else.

    I own Silverscreen and Launch'em, don't use'em.
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    Originally posted by waytoomuchcoffe
    You should add no launcher -- I use Launchmenu, McPhiling, and FPSUtil/Filez to do everything else.

    I own Silverscreen and Launch'em, don't use'em.
    I actually thought about that didn't seem to fit with everything else though.
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    i heart chromacast, to bad not to many themes
    i would like to jump in the water with my pants on
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    Current versions of Chromacast and ISilo are not compatible. Although Lauch'em and the other color launchers seem to have no problems, Chromacast has difficulties with the color icon in ISilo. Unfortunately, that makes it unusable for me.

    Launch'em is still a champ!
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    The ISilo thing is easily fixed Bryan. Check out this thread for more information about the problem, troubleshooting and fixing it. One of the other VisorCentral users has already submitted a bug report to PocketSensei for this problem.
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    Actually, the recommendation there was to drag ISilo to the info button and change the assigned icon. I had already tried this. This is where the fatal exception crashes my Prism and I am forced to restart it. I'm not sure how you accomplished it (unless you are using something other than a Prism...maybe a IIIc?). I'm still not sure why no other color compatible launcher has problems with the icon other than chromacast, and I bet it's a while before the ISilo folks release an update just to fix the icon....
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    That's weird. I am using a Prism and this is the exact procedure that I used. I will also say that I am not running any hacks, Afterburner, or anything else along those lines. Initally, ChromaCast did crash on me and cause a reset right after the install. After that happened, I reinstalled all files related to SilverScreen and ChromaCast including the themes that I had previously loaded prior ChromaCast. After that, no more crashes. When I had initally installed, I only installed what I thought were updated files whereas the second time, I just did a complete install of all files even if they looked the same size and date.

    I agree that this is a very odd problem and I'm still wondering is it ISilo that caused the problem or is it ChromaCast misreading an attribute or something? Replacing the icon was the quickest way for me to get back up and running, but it doesn't really fix the problem for me, nor tell me exactly what the problem is.
    Will B.
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    Originally posted by bnystrom
    Actually, the recommendation there was to drag ISilo to the info button and change the assigned icon. I had already tried this. This is where the fatal exception crashes my Prism and I am forced to restart it.
    Change to "list" view from "icon" and you can do anything since the large icons aren't shown. Then you can change the isilo icon.

    According to support, many applications don't actually use 16 bit graphics so there is no conflict with the icons. SilverScreen uses the "optimal" launcher, which on Prism, is 16 bit.

    I may have mixed some of it up, but I posted a copy of the response in the other thread. I changed all the b/w icons and the isilo and have had no more crashes.
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    Anyone give me a good reason to use Launcher? I tried some of them, all end up uninstalled them.
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    I've had the same problem with iSilo and contacted Pocket Sensei about it. Whenever the large icon came into view the screen would become garbled. It would work when I was in list view but when you view the info it just shows the large icon and garbles the screen again. The solution is just to ignore the mess and choose whatever icon you can to change it to. Here's what the developers said:

    "The problem's that iSilo has an illegally
    defined 16 bit icon. An extremely small number of third party applications
    have this problem.

    We will be contacting these developers in order to remind them to correct
    their icons. PocketSensei has followed all Palm guidelines for the creation
    and handling of icons."

    Hope this helps everyone. In my opinion Silverscreen with Chromacast is still the best launcher available.
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    I find launch'em best. Why? I have lots of applications and must have organization by tabs. Also it's color. I've had no problems with it. Tried the others and not happy. When chromocast gets tabs (folders), might try it again.
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    I like launchem a lot. Very intuitive and easy to you. I liek the tab structure of organizing the apps.
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    Maybe it's just me, but what's the big deal in having tabs? The regular Palm launcher has categories and Chromacast/Silverscreen supports categories. I can still organize all my apps into my own defined categories and switch back and forth between them just like I had tabs. The only thing I don't have is tabs on the main screen to switch around. Instead, I have a drop-down menu and I select a category to switch. I am not trying to win people over on this Launch'em/Chromacast battle, nor am I interested in switching myself. But, I am truly interested in knowing why the Launch'em fans think that these tabs are so great because I must be missing something. In the immortal words of Tom Hanks in Big, "I don't get it."
    Will B.
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    I'm sure others will come up with some different reasons, but I like the tabs for actually "assigning" the categories. If you install the latest "Game" from Astraware, it gets categorized as "unfiled" or put into "Main" in Launch'em. All you have to do is click, drag, and drop the new application onto the "Game" tab, and it is automatically reassigned to a new location.

    Also, Tabs are not "Categories". Because of this, you can have more than the standard 15 (which I don't do), plus, Launch'em allows you to assign an application to multiple tabs. With categories you can only have an app assigned to one category. An example of this is with an outliner program (Let say Bonsai ). You may want to assign the Bonsai application to a Tab called "Projects", plus, make a clone of the application in a Tab called Documents (since you use Bonsai to start document outlines).

    Launch'em TABs can also be rearranged in what ever order you want them on the screen, with most important or most used at the top.

    Each TAB can also have it's own display attributes. You can have the "Doc" tab in list view (easier for viewing long doc names), and the "Games" tab in 2 column large icon view, etc. Each TAB can individually maintain sort order of alphabetical or manually arranged order.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Thanks for the information! This is exactly what I was looking for. I can definitely see the advantage of the tabs in Launch'em. Personally, I don't need this functionality, but I can see how people would want this.
    Will B.
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    When I was still using a launcher, tabs were a help in that I could organize stuff by my categories, not Palms. So I could have Hacks as one category, Docs as another, DA's as another... the default Palm launcher can't even show databases. Add in drag and drop and the fact that you can assign what programs to open based on the db you select (for example, you open up SmartDoc when you click on a Doc file), and you have a launcher far superior to Palms.
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    The simplest, but for me most important reason to use tabs is that they're always visible. At a glance you can see all of them, and one tap takes you to a different one. With a menu you have to tap once, look down the list, and tap again. The difference looks trivial on paper, but it makes a big difference for something as basic as a launcher. With Launch 'Em 3 you can make each tab a different color, making them even easier to see.
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    I personally think tabs take up too much screen space. I like having large icons as compared to a list view and in the built-in Palm launcher I have 10 categories + unfiled & All, the amount of space all those tabs would take up is too much in my opinion.

    GoBar is kinda neat too, but impractical for the same reason.
    Matt Nichols
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