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    I am trying to get a grant set up for Visors for our residents. I have iSilo and have played with Avantgo. I have not used Avantgo on my machine due to its memory-intensiveness. I feel that iSilo works OK some of the time in terms of converting HTML into text, but I have had some problems. Because of these, I don't wish to commit to iSilo without giving Avantgo a fair hearing. Have any of you compared the two? What are your thoughts?
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    Originally posted by BHansen
    What are the reasons behind this?
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    My big reason? I have websites behind firewalls I need to convert for my visor. AvantGo will not do that. AvantGo is acting as a web proxy and the websites must be accessable from AvantGo's computers.

    iSilo also makes the files smaller.

    Only thing I don't like about iSilo is that mainstream websites who have agreements with AvantGo are hiding the websites from everyone.

    But it IS one of the few software packages I have purchased for my Visor...
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    OK, help me out here. I'm not a computer / network tech, but I am a tekkie and work in the industry (perhaps my challenge is that I'm a futurist in the Mac environment) - oh well, enough of the light humor.

    How on earth can you compare the web functionality of isilo to AvantGo? I just downloaded isilo (and havent used it for very lont) but it appears to be mainly a document reading system -- one in which (except for the storage size advantages) doesn't seem to be better than Doc's to go. Am I missing something as far as the web stuff?

    AvantGo is very easy to just plug and play with updated web site information (more and more coming in color) - without having to download as files with formatting.

    Someone set me straight?
    thanks -- dave
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    Isilo has a component called ISiloWeb. It resides on your desktop and can convert web sites into a format thet the Isilo app on your Visor can view and read. You can even view pictures with the Isilo application. You can learn more at
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    I like to save static webpages on my Visor, so I have iSilo already, and therefore, iSiloWeb. To a large extent, AvanGo just ends up being redundant in that case. Once I took the plunge and removed AvantGo I found I had about an extra half meg of memory.

    iSilo also has links to sites that provide more links to some of the AvantGo channels. The only thing I really miss is Salon, because its URL is accessible only through AvantGo. Except for that I haven't regretted my decision to remove AvantGo one bit. I am, however, concerned that iSilo's developer doesn't expect to provide an update for quite some time according to a response to an email I sent recently. (The last update was last May.)

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