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    Is it possible to just sync the calender and tasks to outlook and sync everything else to palm desktop?

    Also, can I use outlook to sync at work and palm desktop at home?

    I can't find where to activate using outlook. Do I have to reinstall palm desktop to set that up?

    Thank you
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    Palm Desktop and Outlook needs unique hotsync conduits installed from your handheld installation CD. In the later versions of Palm Desktop / Hotsync Manager go to the "Start" on your PC, All Programs, Palm, PIM Conduit Sync, and click on "Sync with Outlook." This will reconfigure hotsync to work with Outlook. Choose Palm Desktop if you want to sync with it or Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop.

    If you do not have the "Sync with Outlook" option above, you will need to uninstall Palm Desktop and reinstall from your device installation CD. When asked if you want to sync with Outlook your response should be YES. This will install the Outlook sync conduits (or choose "No" if you want to sync with Palm Desktop / Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop).

    After the configuration change is completed:
    - Back up your RAM before proceeding to protect your system and personal data (Resco Backup highly recommended)
    - Right click on tray hotsync icon and choose "Custom."
    - One at the time highlight Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Memos, clicking
    "Change" and setting sync options to "Handheld overwrites desktop." (Do not
    check save as default). Check the settings of each one to make sure they
    reflect what you want.
    - Hotsync
    - Open Outlook and verify that the data from your PDA is there

    That answers your first question = NO
    Yes you can sync with Outlook on one PC and Palm Desktop on another, just have to have the same hotsync user name on both. I do it everyday, except I'm overlaying Outlook with Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition and I'm using Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition instead of Palm Desktop. Both Agendus products use the respective databases of the native products.
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    Got it. Thanks for your time
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