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    I'm Having trouble with One of our Treo 680's. We have an Exchange server and Sync our email/Contacts/Calender to our treo 680's & 650's I works Well, Except for One phone. If we put in an appointment or contact Update into Outlook on our destop and let the phone Auto-sync or Manually sync the phone the data will be updated on the Phone. If I put in a new contact or Appointment on the Phone It will not transfer to Outlook When it's synced. The function works well on all of our treos but one (the Boss's Treo Of Course)
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    y Treo 680 is doig this right now. I think the answer is to remove the settings for Exchange, add them back in and resync. Trying it now to see if I am right.
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    Thanks , That did the trick. Should have thought of that one, I've had to reload the settings on My 680 several times for My Gmail Account. I Guess The Palm OS Platform Is learning some bad habits from there New close association with Windows....LOL

    BTW Nice Mini

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