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    Anyone know where I can get an app that will keep up with gas and milage. Miles per gallon that sort or thing? i would love to know where I can get one
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    Check out KarKare. I've been using it and it tracks what you're wanting, for up to four vehicles.

    It will also track maintenance on those vehicles.

    I believe I downloaded it from palmgear.

    -- Michael
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    I've been using Autobase for over a year now. It is a very complete vehicle maintenance database with numerous features. It's best feature? It's free!!!
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    There was a thread on a similar topic last month. See here to read up on it.
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    I have also used Autobase, and am very happy with it.

    It keeps track of gas (mileage, cost, etc.), oil changes, and other maintenance. It will prompt you when it is time for scheduled maintenance, like an oil change or a tire rotation. It also has reports for all the stats (mileage since last fill-up, mileage over all, costs, etc.) Pretty good free app, in my opinion.
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    I've been using Vehicle Log for several years and have been happy with the app. It's made by Little Wing Software. It tracks fuel use, mileage ('between last 2 fill ups', 'for the last ____ miles', 'for the life of the vehicle', 'since mm/dd/yy', 'from ____ to ____ miles'. It will figure in mpg, kpl or litres per 100KM.
    It also keeps track of individual trips and will remind you of service needs. It will track a total of 7 vehicles. I really don't know how it compares to other apps, since after I tried it I found it did what I needed.

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    I have one that i wrote for thinkDB. works for me.
    Jim Klapste
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    I've used both AutoBase and KarKare. I preferred AutoBase until Lee Golden (author of KarKare)released version 2.5. This release addressed what I didn't like about KarKare and I purchased it immediately. I've been using it for awhile and I'm very happy with KarKare. I had one of the DB's corrupt a couple of weeks ago and I emailed Lee about the problem. I had a reply 2 hours later, emailed the DB's to him as he requested. The next day I had the repaired DB's back. That's good user support! I prefer KarKare's UI to AutoBase, but it's personal preference. I'd recommend either, I just liked KarKare enough to spend the $15.
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    Thanks for all the help you guys are great.....
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    I use TotalCar and it works great, find it at palm gear.
    Bobby B.

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