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    I need wireless access to my calendar from my office. We are not using exchange. What choices do I have to get y celendar on my Treo 650 to stay in sync with my office calendar that my secretary keeps up to date for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    Scott Burnett
    Lake Forest, CA
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    Well, this sort of begs the question... what /are/ you using for shared calendaring?
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    maybe you can get something that sends you an email, and then your treo will read that email, see the attachment and insert the new calendar entry in your Palm treo?
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    If you use Lotus Notes/Domino then I suggest taking a look at mNotes / mSuite by Commontime.

    It will do push of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Memos in addition to mail.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    I do use a program called share-o that lets two standard POP outlook users to share a calander..... not workable with palm.

    I dont use Lotus/Domino.

    Ion++ .....I like your idea alot.. does anybody know of such a program?

    Scott Burnett in Lake Forest, CA
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    well, i played a little with the and it sent a email message with the calendar entry to others when you invited them. Maybe your Treo email program can read those emails and add the calendar entry when you double clock on it?

    Another option might be the google calendar program for palm, whichm can sync with a google calendar. But i'm not sure if it is push. I was told about it in another thread about calendars that i started in december. Go look it up.

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