I think this contest is a cool thing. I was wondering how many of you are going to participate?

I imagine many of you already have a 680.
I hope some of you feel competitive because I am gonna try hard to win this. the jokes are coming out. so I can give it away to someone.
good luck, best wishes.

p.s. I was prank calling people in california. I prank called a news station and asked them if their refridgerator was running.

they said "yes this fridge has been running from the cops for over an hour now, its going up the 405 away from hollywood towards the fontana area, police have closed off the highway and are chasing this fridge in excess of speeds of 100 mph, police do not know what started this chase. all they are saying is that the fridge was being stopped on a routine stop and it is registered to a mr. mel gibson"