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    I picked up the 700p because I was told it was the one model PDA phone that would instantly sync with OSX. Now I'm reading that 700p users need MissingSync in some cases too...which would defeat the purpose of picking this phone for me. Basically, I might switch to the 700wx, but need guidance. This is my first PDA/Smartphone, so I'm moving slow in testing out it's features for myself. I would be pairing this phone up with an Ibook G4.

    Is it a total mistake to try and sync up a 700wx? I think I prefer the WM5 operating system,and if I'm going to have to buy Missing Synce then I might as well jump to the wx.

    I know this has been covered in other threads, but reading through several pages of this forum hasn't really given me the definitive answers I need. Thanks for the help.
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    For the Palm OS Treos, you can use Apple's built in conduit called "iSync" to sync the Palm address book and calendar with the corresponding Apple applications. i did that for a long time and it works.

    But there are many limitations of this synchronization, i.e. many fields don't transfer from one device to the other. Which fields don't sync is explained in the threads you've read. When fields don't sync, data isn't lost from the device where you created it, but the data doesn't transfer from the Palm to the Mac or vice versa. Eventually I switched to Missing Sync, which properly syncs almost all fields, plus it has a stand-alone Memo application so you don't have to use Palm Desktop for that, and I'm happier for it. (Really how much is $40 compared to all the time you spend learning and using your phone?)

    But if you're convinced WM5 is better for your needs, I'd strongly suggest getting a 700wx and coughing up the $40 for WM5 version of Missing Sync.

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