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    So I have taken a few pictures. I have about 20-25. Over time for one reason or another, a picture of my dog has become the thumbnail for 4 different pictures. This means that when i select a certain photo with the dog, I get the actual picture that is not the dog. When I select the real one with the dog, I get the dog photo. Does this make sense? I have multiple photos with the same thumbnail that aren't that picture. send help. thank you!
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    This is happening with my 755p. Has anyone figured out why this happens?
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    This has been sporadically occuring to me on my 700p (1.06 i.e. NOT an MR'd Treo). I figured it was just because of the random crashes and things kinda got screwed up.

    I use SplashPhoto so all my photos are backed up and categorized anyway, so it was no big deal for me to blow them all away and have them (and the thumbnails) recreated during a Mac --> Treo sync.

    Now all is good.


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