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    I'm a long time treo user and decided to take the plunge and upgrade my 650 which has served me well over the years with a 700p.

    Great, so I bought a treo 700p on ebay lightly used. Box showed up today, not a single scratch on the phone. Called Sprint, got the phone activated no problem.

    here's where the fun starts..

    I need to transfer over the contact info from my 650 to the 700, clearly a common thing to do. The problem is, my 700 keeps giving a "Unknown USB Device" error on all the machines I have tried. So far I have installed the software on 3 separate XP machines, each with the same error.

    I first went through the basic tech help on a chat session with palm tech support.

    He told me to call the palm phone support and tell them that I exhausted the tech options through the chat line. fine. So I call palm tech support and learn that all support for the sprint 700p is handled through sprint.

    fine, call sprint tech support. Go through uninstalling re-installing, etc, etc, etc.

    Sprint's conclusion is that the phone is damaged, I REALLY find this hard to believe.. everything else works just fine on the phone. I've soft and hard reset with no change.

    The seller of the phone even left a contact phone number in case anything went wrong. I called the guy to check if he had ever synced the phone via USB before and he indicated he had done so several times. He says if I cant figure it out he'll take it back no problem which is cool.. I'm just frustrated because I've just wasted the last 6 hours of my life on the phone trying to get hotsync to work and am no closer to doing so than when I started.

    Anybody out there have the same trouble as me?

    To recap, I've tried:

    installing over an existing treo 650 palm desktop

    installing on a clean system with no existing palm software

    re-installing both of the above, with hard and soft resets inbetween.

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    Here are some of Palm's Support Knowledge Library steps towards resolving USB sync problems:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(2630)

    Perhaps some of them were already suggested by the tech support folks during your 6 hour troubleshooting marathon... perhaps not?
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    I had trouble syncing my 700p to my work PC. I can't replicate everything because I don't have admin rights, but when my help desk was proxied in, he deleted my Treo from the device manager and when it reinstalled, everything worked. To do this, right-click on 'My Computer', then click on Properties, then click on Device Manager. You should find Palm OS Handheld Device and delete the entry. Then try a hotsync again and perhaps your pc will properly recognize your device.
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    Went to a local sprint store, the tech happened to have a 700p as his personal phone...

    So I brought in my laptop and cable and watched as his phone synced to my pc no problem, but my phone threw USB errors: conclusion: my phone is hosed.

    I bought a new one from the sprint store and will return this one to the guy I bought it from off ebay (he's being really cool about the whole thing which is nice).

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think I'll buy some accessories from here to help support this forum/website

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