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    Here is the problem. There is a large Palm program that I am trying to download from a website with my 650. I have plenty of memory. When the download begins I get an error message that tells me that I can't download more than 200 mg. What's up with that?

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    SOunds like it may be more of an issue with your browser than the Palm. Can you download it as a zip file? Then open it on your PC and install it.
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    Use the downloader application.
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    I made a mistake. It will not allow me to download over 2 mg at a time. Using downloader is not an option since i can only download this program directly through my Treo.
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    Maybe you need to increase cache somehow ?
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    2M is a blazer limitation. you cannot "get around" it using blazer. use Shark Downloader or Downloader (slower than Shark Downloader) to grab the file. Shark will place the downloaded file on the root of your card by default.

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