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    Everything used to work fine--my wife would text me pictures of my kid, I'd hit "save", and it would save the photo on the treo.

    Today, when I try to save the photo, I get the error:

    "Error: Database: Can't find (0x0207)"

    I suppose I might have deleted something,'s driving me crazy.



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    Updating my own post:

    I searched all over the web for the answer, and thought I found it in a few places. It says to delete the "unsaved preferences" file. Well...I don't have one. I suspect that file is exclusive to the 600/650 only?

    In any case,....I'm still trying, so all help is greatly appreciated.


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    OK, I'm a moron- I DID have the "unsaved preferences" file on my treo after all, I just couldn't find it the first time.

    However, after deleting it (acording to the provided instructions), it doesn't fix the problem. When I try to save the SMS'd photo, NOTHING happens--no message prompt, nothing. Then I do a soft reset, and the next time I try, the same error pops up.

    Back to the drawing board...

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    Call customer service on this one. I have Sprint and occasionally people will SMS me pictures. I go to open them up and get an error. Just haven't had time or the inclination to call them about it yet.

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    I think I'm gonna have to do a hard reset and restore from my last known good backup. Hate to do it, but...nothing else seems to work.


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