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    It seems the NDA is keeping the reports away :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by cvela90 View Post
    It seems the NDA is keeping the reports away :-(
    Signing up beta testers right now
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    I've been waiting for the player before buying a slingbox. I don't qualify for the beta.
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    Slingbox is really pulling through for Palm users. Perhaps we can interpret this as meaning that we are still players.
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    Per the process Sling published, they are now figuring out how to stage the beta testers into Wave 1, Wave 2, etc. Basically just gradually adding testers as they get feedback on the initial versions.
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    anyone get an email yet about the release ?? please let me know still waiting...
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    I haven't heard anything yet.
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    The 700P player is out but it may or may not work sometime for the 680 according to the email I got from Sling...
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    I bought a Slingbox yesterday. I hooked it up to my router, installed the beta palm player on my phone, spent 4 hours working out the kinks related to ip addresses and various other things and it works great on Sprint. Most of the 4 hours was a result of my ignorance of routers and my pc protection package. I have not had one glitch, reset, freeze or any other problem. Chanel switching is pretty fast, software is pretty intuitive, no complaint at all. If they made this version final, I could live with it. I'm in love. Using the 700p.
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