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    Rumor has it that the unlocked 680s will no longer be available in the very near future.

    Cingular will be getting the colored units and they will have them exclusively going forward.

    Doesn't fit the normal release pattern but this came from a reliable source.

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    That doesn't sound likely, or even possible, as the market for unlocked GSM phones, especially overseas, is rather substantial.
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    Cingular would have to pay Palm enough to make this phone exclusively theirs. That would mean Cingular plans to sell so many of them they can justify buying the entire production run. I don't see it.
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    It also doesn't seem consistent with the recent news that TMO might carry the 680.
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    Yeah right....

    Like Cingular is paying the full $399 for the phones as all of us are...
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    Maybe the "unlocks" aren't doing as well as they decided and since they released the 750 today for Cingular - then Palm has told the other carriers that they will provide them with a "badged" unit on the 680 platform and limit the number of unlocks? The colors might stay and each carrier might get an exclusive color or a tweak of a color for their "badged" unit.

    Or maybe this is all poppycock? Rumors, rumors rumors........I'm going to go watch the game.
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