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    I wanted to use Hotsync to transfer email from Outlook to the Treo 700p. I had done it when I first got the phone but had to hard reset the Treo and install a new C drive in my PC so lost the method. I talked to Palm Level II tech support, who talked to two different tech support leads. All said it couldn't be done.

    It can. I've now re-discovered it. And as far as I can tell it isn't documented anywhere on the Palm web site, even in the detailed Versamail setup instructions, or anywhere else on the web.

    This assumes that the user has already installed Versamail on the PC and then hotsynced it and done the setup on the Treo.
    Click on Hotsyn icon. Go to Versamail, Change, Add Account, which takes you to the Setup Email Account screen. Fill in that screen. Then at the very bottom of the screen there's an empty check box that says "Click Next to continue or check this option to custom setup."
    If you click to put a checkmark in that box and then click Next, it takes you to another screen which has a box with various options. One of them is "Outlook 2000 or above". Select that and continue with the setup.
    When you're done, close out of everything. Then go back and make sure the Versamail conduit is set to Synchronize and the default setting box is checked.
    Close Hotsync. Synchronize. Email from your Outlook will appear in a Mail icon on the Treo. This is in addition to the Email icon, which is where the email from a Wireless sync appears.

    Note that virtually all of the descriptions of what Versamail can sync with list things like Microsoft Exchange Server, hotmail etc. I haven't found, ANYWHERE, this explanation of how to sync with Outlook email through the Hotsync connection, or even the statement that such a thing is possible. It appears that Palm doesn't know what their own program is capable of!
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    I know this is an old thread, but this is the only resource I could find for this topic...

    I also have the need to sync my email from Outlook 2000 on my PC to Versamail on my Centro. (I know you have the Treo 700, but I hope it's pretty similar) I don't have a data plan, and I'm with Sprint.

    I've done all that you've mentioned in your post, but still don't see the emails on my device. How do I setup the account in Versamail on my device? I only see options for POP, IMAP, & Outlook EAS (which, I believe, is Exchange). Also, I don't see a mail icon that you mentioned should show up in addition to the email icon.

    I've been looking everywhere for help on this issue, so any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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