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    I have a problem with Palm Desktop. I think it started after I returned back from Outlook sync to Palm Desktop sync. But now I am unable to correct it.

    Could not find anything related on Palm support website or forums. Reinstalling Palm Desktop did not help. Even uninstalling, deleting Handspring folder on PC and reinstalling Palm Desktop did not help.

    Problem is like this:
    When I click on Media icon, a window appears stating "Welcome to Media Desktop..." etc etc. Normally this window used to go away after a few seconds, but now it remains permanently on screen (at top level) thereby making my PC unusable untill I kill Palm.exe. I am a Treo 650 user on Windows XP Pro.

    Everything works fine on other PC. So what is special about this PC?

    Any ideas? Needs expert help.
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    Try re-installing Palm Desktop over the current installation.

    Edit: Oops. You already tried that. I have no idea. I don't use Palm Desktop at all, let alone it's Media functions.
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