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    I just had to reformat my hard drive and I completely forgot to sync my treo before doing so. Fortunately, I have a complete copy of the drive contents, including the palm folder. In the past with older palm apps I could just copy the data folder to the working palm desktop folder and have all my old data intact. Can't do that now with this version, but there must be a way. The data is all there I just need to get the palm software to recognize it. I have tried importing and everything else I could find but nothing worked.

    Anybody know a way to do this?

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    Isn't the data still present on the Treo and therefore would be copied to the PC when you Hotsync?
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    Yeah, it would be if I had synced before I wiped my hard drive, but I forgot to do that, so the data is now only in the data file which I can't access.
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    But he's saying (I think) that if the data is still on the Treo, all you have to do is hotsync to place it back on the hard drive.
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    OK, let me try to explain this a different way.

    Just for arguments sake, let's say I just synced my treo to my desktop, so now they are the same. I then go into my palm desktop and make a bunch of changes and additions. I didn't resync my desktop with my treo, so now they are desktop has new data that is not on my treo. Then, I come along and wipe out my hard drive, thereby wiping out the new data that I had placed onto my desktop files.

    However, before wiping my drive I copied the entire contents of the drive, including the palm folder, to another drive...just as a backup before I wiped my drive. However, I cannot boot to this drive. It is simply used as storage. Then I reinstall my programs onto the original drive that I reformatted, including the palm application. I tried to copy the folder that contains the palm data from the storage drive into the palm folder of my newly reformatted boot drive, but the palm software will not recognize the data folder for some reason. You would think it would as it is the exact same name, which is my treo user ID.

    So that is where I am now. Yes, I should have synced them before I reformatted, but that is water over the dam now. Now, I need to find a way to recover that data that I have sitting there on my other drive, and import it into my current palm desktop app somehow.

    So, to sum it all up, most of the data is still on my treo and would be placed back on the hard drive, but not the data that I wrote to the hard drive before I wiped it. That data never made it to my treo in the first place.

    Guys, I appreciate your interest and attempts to help. I guess I didn't make it real clear in my original post. I hope this helps and somebody that knows how to fix this will help me out here.

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    Now I see your problem.

    I would suggest that you..
    • Backup the current Treo data.
    • Re-install Palm Desktop using the same palm id.
    • Copy the \Program Files\Palm\Username directory from the saved data over the same named directory on the newly formatted drive.
    • Hotsync with the Treo

    Good luck.
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    Thanks John, but I already tried that. Palm will not recognize the copied folder even though it is the exact same name, user ID, and everything else I could think of. There must be something else I am missing here. I used to be able to do this with the older palm versions.
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    If johncc's recommendation did not work you might first confirm that you can in fact Hotsync and then start working with individual directories & files within the /Palm folder.
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    And I guess make sure hotsync is set right (truly sync rather than one overwrites the other).
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    You should make a copy of the directory and put it on an iphone. The iphone apparently can do anything so once the info is there you can choose to copy it back to the palm or directly into your brain wirelessly at instant speeds. The iphone is the perfect device, just like the ipod. I don't know anyone who has ever had to replace their ipod.

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