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    must give it a try so we'll pack up the voodoo science 680 back in its box.

    best success to all here on this magnificent board, perhaps we'll see some of you on the new one. remember, you have choices.

    adios 680, not looking back.
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    WinMob5, ick. I don't trust Windows to run any part of my personal or professional life, I most certainly won't let it run my phone.

    No thanks 750, not looking at all.
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    Hmmm... if you don't like the battery life on the 680 (1200 mAh) why do you think you will like it on the 750 (1200 mAh)?
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    The 750 apparently does not have the parastatic drain the 680 has. That's why some members are baffled over why the 750's battery lasts longer than the 680 and the conclusion was Palm firmware issues. I'll be picking up a 750 myself, not to replace the 680 (long time Palm fan here ) but to add to the collection. I don't favor OS's. I believe each OS has its strong point(s) over the other.
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    I tried out the 750v, didn't like it at all. The OS is pretty slow and the screen isn't too bad, but it wasn't high res.
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    I do love my 680, but I am going to try the 750 because I'm a HIGH-SPEED Internet JUNKIE, so having high speed and voice at the same time is very intriguing.
    I've called almost every Palm Store in the country and most Cingular Stores in South Florida but none of them have it in stock yet.

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