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    i ordered the crystal clear one from boxwave.

    i really like it on the HTC WIZARD..but this time i waited to make sure i like the phone

    i'm just hoping i didnt damage my screen over the last 3 weeks!

    i will install tonight, my wife didnt' tell me it had arrived!

    what is the best way to clean the screen prior to installing the protector? boxwave says just use a good cloth, i'm worried b/c it has some dirt from 3 weeks of use. I want to clean it really well but not risk hurting anything with chemicals. i will start with a cloth diaper (new for car washing lint free) and see if it works okay.

    i have a brand new one for the wizard if anyone wants to buy it!
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    Cleaning cloth is included with all Boxwave screen protectors.
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    yeah i know, is that enough to wipe the "grime" off of the screen?
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    I would avoid anything that has alcohol in it. I like the Boxwave protectors as well.
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    yeah the crystal clear one, that i had on my htc wizard was AMAZING. you didn't loose any screen quality and touchscreen was unchanged. I'd buy them everytime.
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    I just took one off a Treo that was replaced and put it on a new one and it's still perfect. Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal.
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    I haven't tried Boxwave, but i've been using the orginal one made by Palm for years now.
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    i will say the boxwave staff is amazing!
    i bought the one for the Wizard. I used it for a few days, then returned the wizard to i'm stuck with one i don't need. I emailed them, to see if they had a coupon or something for the treo one...they gave me 7 percent off! that was nice of them.

    2nd i tried to reinstall it on my friends wizard...and washed it and followed the directions on washing and reusing...well it just doesn't look the same as when new, and applied with their applicator. so i told them, that even though its reusable it just doesn't seem the same. they said please send it back, and they will send me a new one! they will reimburse postage for 50 cents!

    very cool company, they didn't have to do anything for me.
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    The way I "washed" it was to take it off my old Treo and immediately place it on to a ZipLock bag. I then "washed" only the non-stick side with a computer screen cleaner made for Apple. I then peeled it off the ZipLock bag and re-applied it to the new Treo with perfect results. Looks like a brand new screen protector.
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    my problem was that the sticky side would have streaks and distorted vision when i reapplied!
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    I'm probably the only person who doesn't like Boxwave screen proctectors but I love the company. The cleaning process didn't go as easy as they made it seem and looked like crap afterwards. I hope they come out with a Styra for the 680 in all 4 colors soon.

    Scoop, my favorite cleaner is KlearScreen. I use it to clean all of my electronic displays from PDAs to my iPod to my LCD monitor for 5 years now. I recommend the deluxe kit because even though you get the large chamois cloth sometimes it's dirty and the disposable cloths really come in handy. Also the travel sized chamois cloth is perfect for cleaning PDA screens. I also like keeping some singles on hand for my camera bag, backpack, and purse when I'm out and about.

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