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    Im looking for a software that can have my calendar appointments work with my contacts. I should be able to pull up the appointment on the calendar or by that contact. It seems that agendus for palm and keysuite can both do it. does anyone know if their good...which one is there something even better?
    oh and one more thing...Im thinking of running it on a palm z22, will they work well...which one is more likely to work well and not crash my palm?
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    Hello?? Anyone?? Please Advise
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    pppppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeee!! I got to make a decision??
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    Also check out Datebk from Pimilico Software. Key Suite uses proprietary databases, not the built in Palm databases, so it won't work in concert with any other Palm software that access those databases. And it takes a lot more memory.

    But all three offer free trials - so you can see which you prefer.
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    Im trying to find out from someone that used it- how well it worked
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    howcome no one is answering???

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