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    That's the basic question...I know how to change known and unknown caller tones, but how do you assign a certain ringtone to a certain caller?
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    Go to software in treo central and ask the same question: i.e. assign ringtones to different callers; it will lead you to 3rd party software like: Ringo Pro and Talking Tones, I'm sure there are other programs, but you would have to state what type phone you have to make sure you have the right program and welcome to TreoCentral.
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    If you have callers stored as a Favorite (the buttons below the Phone dial pad, and there are MANY pages of those buttons), then you can assign a call tone to those entries.

    You cannot assign specific ring tones to entries stored in Cantacts, though (without 3rd party add-on software). Unless you add those callers as a Favorite.
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